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Mother Clelia Merloni

madregiustatras50Clelia Merlonwas born in Forlì, Italy, on March 10, 1861, daughter of Gioacchino and Teresa Brandinelli. Invited by the Lord to follow Him in the way of religious perfection, she responded generously, renouncing the world and founding the Congregation of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Viareggio, Italy, on May 30, 1894. For the sake of the Congregation she spent not only her wealthy inheritance but also the precious energies of her great soul. She had to undergo extremely difficult trials, profound humiliations, and unspeakable sufferings for her undertaking. Her very being was consumed in daily self-immolation in order to give love, glory, and reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to bring about the growth of her Congregation, and to convert sinners. She died in the Generalate in Rome on November 21, 1930. Her body was transported on May 20, 1945, to the chapel of the Generalate, where it now rests. The edict for the introduction of the Cause of Canonization of Mother Clelia Merloni was issued by his Eminence Cardinal Ugo Poletti, Vicar for the Diocese of Rome, on May 20, 1989. The opening of the Trial took place in Rome on June 18, 1990.The Apostles, who presently carry out their apostolic efforts in Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, the United States, Mozambique, Benin, Albania, Taiwan, and the Philippines, ask the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the grace to see her numbered among the Saints.

Prayer for the Beatification of Mother Clelia Merloni

O Jesus, you who filled your servant Clelia with a profound love for the riches of the graces of your Heart, grant, we beseech you, to make use of her virtues to draw many persons to the knowledge and love of your Sacred Person, and if it be your holy Will, to call her to the honors of beatification so that we may have recourse more and more to her intercession and learn from her example to devote ourselves humbly and generously to your divine service.

Prayer to the Most Blessed Trinity
To obtain graces through the intercession of Mother Clelia Merloni


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madre clelia
The charism of Mother Clelia Merloni, Foundress of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, had its origins in the very heart of the Church, the Heart of Christ pierced on the Cross for the redemption of the world. “The Apostles must have no other aim but the glory of the Heart of Jesus,” she impressed upon her daughters. Faithful to Clelia’s spirit, the Apostles dedicates herself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the service of the Church. By the witness of her life and the power of her love, she seeks to sow in 
the hearts of all whom she meets the love of Christ revealed in His Heart. She is called to be:

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About us

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About us

The Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an international congregation of women religious, was founded in Viareggio, Italy, in 1894 by the Servant of God Mother Clelia Merloni. Inspired by their Foundress, the Apostles aimto glorify the Heart of Jesus in imitation of the first Apostles who sought to make the Divine Master better known and loved by all people. Today the sisters, numbering approximately 1200, carry out their mission in service to the Church in 14 countries of the world, primarily through the apostolates of education, health care, pastoral ministry, social service, and missionary activity.